Spring 2020

Jan  9    Mel Wall                   SOE

     16    Nigel Todd               Garibaldi’s Historic Visit to Newcastle

     23    Chris Fraser            Life and Times in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force

     30    Barry Mead             There’s more to a Needle than meets the eye

Feb  6    John Derry              Impressive in Futility

     13    Margaret Bozic       The Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle

     20    Nevile Harris           Humour at Large

     27         AGM

Mar 5    Jeff Bennett            Art in Britain’s Great War

     12    Anthony Atkinson   Ada Lovelace and her family

      19    David Swailes         CANCELLED - The Numbers Game: the curious

                                                 world of numbers and the curious people that play                                                   with them

     26    Tony Edwards        CANCELLED - The Rise and Fall of Broadcast TV

Apr  2    Gordon Harrison    CANCELLED - The Future of the Tyne& Wear Metro

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