JAN   3       Chris Davies       The Search for Aviation Accidents in Northumberland
       10       John Lingard      Agriculture - Facts and Figures
       17       Nigel Lightfoot   Russian Terrorism
       24       Laura Barrett    St Oswald’s
       31       Kate Scott          Cartoons
FEB  7        Michael Geary    Northumberland Archives
      14       Peter Wynarczyk Breaking Up is Hard to Do - The Americb  Civil War
      21       Jared Johnson    Human evolution
      28       AGM & Humphrey Graham   Odes  
MAR 7      Damien Hall          Why does French matter so much to the French?
      14      Michael Scott       The Battle of the Falklands 1914
   21      Barry Craven      Opening a low-cost Private School
      28      Neville Harris       Anthony Aloysius StJohn Hancock
APR 4      Freda Thompson The Bold, the Brave and the Bad
      11     David Goldwater  Recent Finds at Vindolanda- by an ageing local Digger


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