Sept  6     Alec Crombie
       13     David Gold
       20     John Derry
       27     Irwin Thomson
Oct   4      Michael Thomson
      11      Barrie Craven
      18      Keith Jewitt
 (with Charles Linekar)
     25     Tony Edwards
Nov  1     Charlotte Hardman

       8      Ray Thompson
     15     David Saunders
     22     Dick Madeley
     29     Cyril Winskilll
Dec  6     Peter Tracey

Blue, Gold and the Queen of Sheba
My Mother’s Family
The Man who lost Three Kingdoms
The Great Flood
The Rise of Northumbria 590 - 650
Opening a Low-cost Private School
Literary & Philosophical Jesmond

My Lfe in Television
Disappearing Worlds: a Way of Life and Language
                           under threat in East Nepal
Elements of Supersonic Flight
Putin’s Russia
The War of 1812 and the Battle of Baltimore
Conservation: The Tyneside Cinema
1989 - a momentous year
Christmas Lunch, Northern Counties Club