Apr 12          Reg Hall                Wesley’s Newcastle
      19          Alan Spoors           Cambodia,Vietnam and Laos
     26          Robin Smith          Britain and Europe: the historical background to all                                                   the arguments you’re fed up with hearing about                                                   Brexit, and what it all signifies
May 3           Dick Madeley         The Odyssey of a Virologist           
    10           Peter Jones          Checks & Balances: The Roman Invention Of the                                                                         Republic
    17           Michael Matthews  A Victim’s Guide to Medical Imaging
     24           Bob Wener                                                                                                           & Heidi Joplin    Eh?
    31          Peter Byrne           Famous Assassinations
Jun 7            Graham Armitage  Ageing - Challenge or Opportunity
   14            David Goldwater    Newcastle RGS - the story of a school since 1545
   21            Stuart Scott           Falstaff
   28            Steve Cox             The Hi-Jacking of Luftwaffe 181
Jul  5             Anthony Atkinson  Ellen Wilkinson: “Red Ellen”
   12            Michael Scott         The Battle of the Falklands 1914
                                                      Followed by Pimms & Buffet

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