Summer 2017

Apr 27         Winifred Stokes            Dad’s Army c. 1800

May 4          David Faulkner              Geordie humour

     11          Peter Byrne                   The Battle of Flodden

     18          Peter Tracey                 The Parachutists

      25          John Derry                    The Emperor Augustus

Jun 1           John North                    People, Places and Plaques -                                                                     Jesmond Commemorated

      8           Peter Nicol                     St Nicholas Hospital -                                        Lunacy: two thousand years of diagnosis and treatment

    15           Maurice Milne                Count Cagliostro

    22           Allan Curry                     From Life on Mars to Police                                                                     and Crime Commissioners

    29           Charles Linaker             Two Lives in History: G M Trevelyan                                                                      and H R Trevor-Roper

Jul  6            Dick Madeley                 ‘NRLA’

   13            Bernard Trafford          A Last Gasp from the Chalkface


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