September  8      Alan Fearon                   Music Ho! - The Language of Music

      15       Shona Alexander          The Work of the Citizen’s Advice, Newcastle                                                                                                           

      22      Outing to Aston Workshop with lunch at The Black Horse, Red Row

      29      Freda Thompson            Mr Grainger’s Market

October      6      Sean Brennan                The Easter Rising 1916

      13      Tony Waterston             Is Climate Change real,                                                                                and what can we do?

      20      Christopher Souter        One of the last North East Shipowners

      27      Graham Blackler             A History ofPilotage

November   3     Hazel Jones-Lee             Children North East

      10      Edward Watson             Trekking in the Himalayas

      17      Neville Harris                  John Mortimer and Rumpole of the Bailey

      24      Maurice Milne                 The Tichbourne Case

December   1      Chris Hilton                    Refereeing in Golfs Majors'                       

        8       Harriet Menter               Scotswood Natural Community Garden

       15      Christmas Lunch  

       John Derry                     1916: Three Battles and Their Aftermath



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