Spring 2016

Jan  7        PatStevens             The History of the Theatre Royal

      14       John Clayson         John Henry Holmes (1857-1935)   

The Life & Legacy of a Tyneside Electrical Pioneer

      21        Crispin Welby        National Service

      28        Alex Johnson        A Sapper’s war

Feb 4        Alec  Crombie         Military Medicine in the Peninsular War

      11        Annual General Meeting, with Humphrey’s Bach to follow

      18        Bill Peacock           Development and Debauchery – aTale of 19C Paris

      25        Leo Gooch             The Jacobite Rising of 1715 in Northumberland

Mar 3        Peter Regan            Howick

     10        Alan Thompson     Tanfield Railway – Past & Present

     17        Chris Gray               The Government Inspector, a visit from Ofsted

    24         Bill Bland                 Sir Basil Spence  and the Rebuilding of Coventry                                                                                                                                                           Cathedral