Sept   3    Mike Greatbatch     Churches, Chapels & Burial Grounds in Ouseburn

10   Sydney Leigh          Beethoven’s Medical History

17   John Sawyer           Prophet of Consolation:                                                                    Isaiah in the History of the Jews

24   Gwen Keating        Victorian Newcastle

Oct    1    Neil Adamson        Butterfly Bridge ― the postscript

8    David Smith          Eating people is wrong:                                                               Cannibals and a Nobel Prize

      15    Susan Lynn           Tynemouth History

       22    Mick Wilkes          Developments at Gibside Chapel

      29   John Lingard          The Price of Milk

Nov   5    Duncan Nicholson   William Morris

             12    Stuart Scott           The Royal Descent ― William to George

             19    Tim Peacock          The Navy of Today ― and of Tomorrow (?)

     26    Barry Meade          Archaeology of Orkney

Dec  3    Neville Harris        John Betjeman ― celebrating middle class

            10    Pat Lowery            Shopping Spree ― history of the Stores of Newcastle

            17   Christmas Lunch     Speaker: John Derry  The Battle of Waterloo