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Summer 2013




April 18

Barrie Craven

‘Fat’ Taxes & Minimum Alcohol Pricing

April 25

Anthony Atkinson

Charles, the Second Earl Grey

May 2

Dave Walker

The Lost Legion

May 9

Freda Thompson

Brave Hearts Three Northern Ladies

May 16

Chris Foote Wood

A Morning with Charles Dickens

May 23

Mike Greatbatch

The Great Houses of Benwell: 1800-1950

May 30

Robert Williams

Conspiracy Theories - Fantasies or Realities?

June 6

Stuart Scott

Did Jesus laugh?

June 13

Lynne Corner

Life begins at 85

June 20

Neville Harris

…And now for Something Completely Different

June 27

Peter Jones

Ancient Perspectives on a Modern World

July 4

Chris Purser

A (Downward) Career in Broadcasting

July 11

David Shaw

A Visionary Surgeon