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Jan 8

Stephen Pettit

Travelling With a Choir

Jan 15

Jeremy Paterson

The Quiet Man of Chanak

Jan 22

Prof. B Diffey

Climate Change and Skin Cancer

Jan 29

Rachael Cowper

The Calvert Trust

Feb 5

Mrs M Horseman

The Coming of the Coastal Railways

Feb 12

Dr Peter Jones

The Explosion of Vesuvius AD79

Feb 19

J W N Petty

English Silver Styles in the 20th Century

Feb 26

Mrs Elsie Joel

Voyage on a Tall Ship

March 4

Dick Wade

The Rise and Fall of Farming

March 11

David Hart

Human Rights

March 18

Percy Lovell

Sir Arthur Sullivan

March 25

Richard Bird

Is the Globe Really Warming ?

April 1

Robin Plackett

Painters of the Canadian Wilderness

Spring 2004