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Summer 2006




April 27

William McCaul

Lasers and the Eye

May 4

Tony Fairley

The Story of Rolls Royce

May 11

Prof.  John Deny


May 18

Mr J S Miller

Royal Grammar School

May 25

Prof. Richard Madeley

Birds and Tigers: the Global Threat of Influenza

June 1

Dr John Inkster

A Most Extraordinary Man

June 8

Lord Walton of Detchant

A Doctor in the House

June 15

Prof.  J L Taylor

Classical Psychology in the NHS and Beyond - One Man’s (Selective) Experience

June 22

John Swan

100 Years of Comics

June 29

Barrie Craven

Prison and Drugs

July 6

Alan Howard

Proctor and Gamble - A History Through Technology

July 12

Jeff Bennett

Sevastapol: Then and Now