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April 3

Bill McCaul

Scanning The Eye

April 10

Melanie Tankerville

Northumbrian Water

April 17

Dr Peter Jones

What the Romans did for us and still might do

April 24

Peter Ryan

The Computer Ate My Vote

May 1

Jeanette Brown

North East Project On War Memorials

May 8

Roman Stepanov

Anglo Russian Relations

May 15

Michael Bond

A Traveller's View of Central Asia

May 22

Victoria Howarth

Robert Stephenson

May 29

Barrie Craven

HIV and Aids - an Update

June 5

Dr Sydney Leigh

Gaffes - Mainly Medical

June 12

His Honour Angus Macdonald

Bar and Bench

June 19

Hume Hargreaves

The Economic Union And The Common Agricultural Policy

June 26

Paul Smith

July 3

Thomas Rusten

Thomas Mann

July 10

Gavin Aarvold

The Spread of Democracy 2

July 17

Canon Peter Dodd

Northumberland and Newcastle Society

Summer 2008  

Why Do We Behave The Way We Do In The Toilet?