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Autumn 2010




Sept. 2

Bruce McIntosh

Mahar Kijat

Sept. 9

Dennis Jones

Converting a Castle

Sept. 16

Malcolm Byrne

WW II in the Pacific

Sept. 23

David Byrne

Our Ships at Sea

Sept. 30

Geoff Riddell

Vaguely about Floor Covering

Oct. 7

Stuart Scott

The Other Poets of the First World War

Oct. 14

Bruce McIntosh

The North West Frontier


Charles Linaker

The World of Flanders & Swann

Oct. 28

Norman Dunn

Let's All Go to the Music Hall

Nov. 4

Denis Scadeng

The Origin of Life & the First Three Billion Years

Nov. 11

Jeremy Paterson

Mussolini's Dream of Rome

Nov. 18

John Charlton

The Slavery Business in NE England (part 1)

Nov. 25

Sydney Leigh

Medical Images Through the Ages

Dec. 2

Kelsey Thornton

Ivor Gurney

Dec. 9

Douglas Smith

The Last Days of the Raj

Dec. 16

John Lumsden

Does it Swing?