Spring 2022

Jan  6    Ben Crowdy              Whisky and Water

      13    Barry Mead              The Bedlington Iron & Engine Works

      20    Mike Greatbatch      William Parker, A Chartists Life

      27    John Sadler              D Day

Feb  3    John Baharie            Robotics: It's Childs Play

      10    Peter Morris             What Is Levelling Up and Will It Work.

                                                                                           followed by AGM

      17    Nigel Lightfoot         The Next Pandemic

      24    David Goldwater      Vindolanda - An update

Mar  3   John Bealey               My Life in Power

      10    Brian Plemper          Where does your Water come from

      17    Susan Lynn              The Hunting of the Whale

      24    Paul Fallon               The Chinese on the Western Front in World War I

      31    John Derry               The Man on the Monument

Apr  7    Alfredo Moscardini   Tomorrow is another day

      14    Ben Haddon              The 60s and My Part in Them

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