Sep 12     Jared Johnson               Lost Hero of Science

19     Rob Cunningham           The Zulus - part 1

26     Rob Cunningham           The Zulus - part 2

 Oct   3     Brian Ripley                     Honey Bees

10     Alfredo Moscardini       What will your Grandchildren do?

         17     Robert McNamara        The Zurbaráns of Auckland Castle

         24     David Goldwater         Recent finds at Vindolanda

31     Freda Thompson           A Dickens of a Tale

 Nov  7      Leah Hamilton                Inheritance Tax

14     Geoff Hughes                 Strange Tales of Old Newcastle

21     Edward Watson            My Everest Marathons

28     Peter Tracey              Desert Island Discs

 Dec   5     John White                 One Man’s War

12     John Gibson               The Lonely Queen of the North

19        Christmas Lunch, Northern Counties Club, Hood Street

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