Apr 25 Lisa Dunn           Imprisonment in India - the Chennai 6:                                                                                     A sister’s story

May 2 Mike Greatbatch  St Ann’s Church and All Saints Parish c 1750 - 1801

     9 Brian Ward           Beyond Martin Luther King: Race and Celebrity                                                                                           on Tyneside

   16 Anthea Long          Visitors to Newcastle

   23 John Fern               Club Presidential Talk:  RGS: Past, Present & Future

   30 Leah Hamilton       Protecting Your Assets for the Future  Generation

Jun 6 John Derry             Anne Boleyn

   13 David Gold             The Ku Klux Klan, Extremism and the History of                                            Whte Supremacy in the United States of America

   20 2000th Meeting of the Club - Special Event

    27 John Rhodes         Mercy Ships update

Jul 4  Alan Fearon           Composers in America

  11  Maurice Milne       Sir Walter Scott - the Great Unknown

  18  Bill Peacock            Why Buildings fall down - an Engineer’s dilemma

                                                                                                                                        16 Anthea :ong                   

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