Summer 2016

Apr 14     Mike  Scott                     The Battle of the Falklands - things we were                                                                        never told

     21     Sir Len Fenwick             Our ever-changing National Health Service

     28      David Stewart-David     “Stand in the Cold and wait in the Queue!”

May 5      Alistair Sinton                 Four Columns to be seen from the  Alnwick                                                                         to Cornhill  railway line

    12      Charles Linaker               Life of a Somebody - George Grossmith

    19      Tim Griffiths                      Visitors to Northumberland, 1600 to 1850

    26      Anthony Armstrong          Abraham Lincoln

Jun 2      Trevor Leonard                Elizabeth - the Bard

      9      Mike Greatbach               Byker Township and the Implementation of                                                                       the Poor Law, c.1820-1850

    16     Tony Regan                       Afghanistan and UK interests

    23     Alfreo Moscardini             The Enigma of Mathematics

    30     Andrew Fullerton               Models of Care

Jul  7     Gail Nina Anderson           Getting paid

   14     John Derry                          Talleyrand: the Great Survivor